Notepad++ 7.6.4 开源代码编辑器绿色版






  • 所见即所得(WYSIWYG)
  • 用户自定程序语言
  • 字词自动完成功能(Auto-completion)
  • 支持同时编辑多重文件
  • 支持多重窗口同步编辑
  • 支持以Regular Expression查找和替换字词
  • 支持拖曳功能
  • 内部窗口位置可任意移动
  • 自动侦测打开文件状态
  • 放大与缩小功能
  • 虽说是支持多国语言,但是仅止于操作接口,编辑文件时部分文字无法正常显示,而会显示成□
  • 支持书签
  • 高亮度括号及缩进辅助
  • 支持宏


Notepad++ v7.6.4 new features and bug-fixes

  1. Add Markdown in zip packages and fix Markdown not working in installer package of v7.6.3.
  2. Switch from certificate verification to hashes verification due to “Notepad++” is rejected by certification authority.
  3. Enhance User Defined Language System for supporting more than one UDL file. Here is new behaviour.
  4. Add “Remove Consecutive Duplicate Lines” feature to remove duplicate consecutive lines from whole document.
  5. Add new shortcut “shift + scroll” for horizontal scrolling.
  6. Add Stack Overflow as search engine.
  7. Add the capacity to rename non-existing document’s tab.
  8. Fixed file open hang issue in old style mode.
  9. Fix “Find in files” tab translation issue on initial dialog call.
  10. Fixed macro playback junk characters display issue on Find dialog.
  11. Ensure each recorded command is playable before playing to avoid exploit in hacking. (EURO-FOSSA)
  12. Enhance “Search on Internet” command to avoid command hijacked. (EURO-FOSSA)
  13. Fix buffer overrun in Print dialog. (EURO-FOSSA)
  14. Load nppPluginList.dll as resource instead of binary for the sake of security. (EURO-FOSSA)
  15. Check Updater’s authenticity before its each launch to prevent from hijacking. (EURO-FOSSA)
  16. Fix stack buffer overflow in WordStyle dialog. (EURO-FOSSA)
  17. Fix stack buffer overflow issue on User Define Language dialog. (EURO-FOSSA)
  18. Prevent eventual DLL hijacking while loading plugins. (EURO-FOSSA)


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