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  1. 它不需要任何安装,所有的配置数据存储在应用程序数据文件夹中,运行它不会改变您的系统或注册表。放入 U 盘中随身携带使用。
  2. XYplorer 被设计为快速、易用、高效和增强可用性功能,帮助您简化工作流程,提高效率,节省时间。
  3. 你可以为各种任务编辑个性化应用解决方案。无需插件,脚本即装即用。论坛提供各种脚本,即使是初学者也能从此功能中受益。
  4. 您可以按需调整应用程序的外观和行为。包括字体、颜色、自定义工具栏按钮、文件图标和程序关联等。每一项都是完全可移植的。
  5. 标签方式让您轻松地在文件夹之间切换。通过拖动可复制、移动、隐藏、锁定、重命名文件。可单独保存标签配置。



19.80.0100 released 13-Mar-2019

Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

What’s New in 19.80? released 12-Mar-2019

  • Multi-User-Tagging. The concept of Multi-User-Tagging, i.e. sharing file tags within a networked team, is around for quite a while in XYplorer, but the first implementation lacked power, comfort, and elegance. Not anymore.
  • If you are looking for a way to implement a shared tagging system, you found it. Easy setup, fast automatic real-time synchronization, access control, and a large number of independent fields (Label, Tags, Comment, and 16 freely definable Extra Tags) for each file.
  • Give it a try, annotate a file and have all your team members see your notes in real-time in their file manager. And see their comments in your file manager. Your team is fully connected.
  • Status Log. Now the last 1000 changes in the Status Bar are permanently logged. It might be interesting to see what those rapidly changing Status Bar messages actually said, or what exactly you were doing 15 minutes ago. Now you can find out.
  • Compilation Soundtrack. Compiled to the music of Fanny, “The Godmothers of Chick Rock.”

XYplorer 19.70 2019-2-20

  • File Tagging. Now you have sixteen freely definable Extra Columns, sixteen user fields for each file and folder, fields that you can fill, display, sort by, search for, carry around on a stick, and share with your team.
  • Quick Jump. Now double-clicking a cell in the Path column will open that path and auto-select the double-clicked item.
    Compilation Soundtrack. Compiled to the music of Kurt Vile.


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